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Written assignments

A large part of your education revolves around making written assignments. Making sure that these assignments are good and well-founded is a skill that can be mastered with enough practice.

Writing assignments involves searching and selecting relevant literature, structuring your paper after the academic guidelines and referring correctly to your sources. Here you will find different resources that can help you develop your skills when it comes to writing assignments.

Writing Papers
Here you can find instructions on how to structure your paper and how to use academic argumentation to make your points in your written assignments.

Literature search
You can read more about doing literature searches for your studies and how to find relevant materials for your papers here.

Reference management
Learn how to make correct citations and references while adhering to one of the following reference standards: APA, Harvard or Vancouver. You will also find an overview of the referencing tools Mendeley, Zotero and Word, and how these will help you make in-text references as well as bibliographies. You can also find a guide on how to avoid plagiarism in your written assignments.

Study techniques
Being a student is not only about handing in written assignments, but is also about learning how to study, to be responsible for your own learning process and working in groups. We have assembled a number of resources that can help you get the best out of your studies.

Our goal has been to make a collection of resources that can work as a toolbox for you while studying. Please be aware that the criteria for written assignments might differ from one study programme to another.