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Recording of teaching

If you as a student wish to record the teaching
The lecturer has the copyright of the lecture. It is, however, not against copyright law to record teaching/lectures if you only use the recording yourself and not share it with your fellow students or upload it on the internet. We recommend that you obtain permission from the lecturer (preferably in writing).

If you record teaching with the purpose of uploading it on the internet or share it with other students, you need the lecturer’s consent. Moreover, you need consent from the students you can hear on the recording before publication. We recommend to collect these permissions in writing.

Counselling agreements on webcasts of education can be found here at the website of the committee for protection of scientific work.

If you as a lecturer wish to record the teaching
If the lecture is webcasted or recorded by the lecturer/university colleges, the students should be informed also about what will happen with the recordings. You need consent (in writing) from the students you can hear on the recording before the it can be published.