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Search and write (Søk og Skriv)

Search & Write is divided into four main sections:

Searching. In the search section we highlight how information search can help you get started with writing assignments, and how different information can help to refine the task and specify the theme to take you.

Reading. In the reading section, we take up what is the purpose of reading a text. By revealing arguments in the texts you read you will be better equipped to decide how the authors argue, and to what extent this coincides with the text you will write.

Writing. In writing section gives tips on how to get started with writing, and the different themes you can benefit from throughout the writing process: language, style and structure, formal requirements, and dissemination, publishing and self-archiving.

Citations and references. In the tasks you are going to write, you should refer to the information and research you use in your work, we show you how. It is important that your sources shall provide the necessary technical quality and that you actively use these in an ethical manner when writing academic texts.

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