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Research & Development

VIA Library offers research and development staff in VIA support and courses (require login) in relation to literature search, reference management, choice of publication channel, copyright, open access and UC Knowledge.

Dekorativt billede

You can make an appointment with a contact person from the VIA Library research and development team. The library offers up to four hours of help to search for knowledge (both courses and guidance). In connection with applications for funding, support can be extended beyond the four hours if the task with searching is assigned to VIA Library if funding is obtained.

If you need to search for knowledge you can use our databases and journals.

On this page you find links to information and tools which can support processes related to e.g. information searching, reference management and publication.

In the menu to the left you can find more relevant information if you work with research and development.

If you are new in research you may find the research portal beneficial The Researcher Portal. Here you can find information about legal and ethical questions of importance in research.