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Rules and regulations

The use of VIA Library and borrowing of materials is free of charge.
The use of the Library computers are at your own risk.

How to become a library user
To borrow materials you must be registered as a library user. Your health insurance card (the yellow card) is your library card. You are automatically registered as a user at the beginning of a  study programme or an employment at VIA. If you receive your danish Health insurance card (Yellow card) after you start your education at VIA, please notify the study administration.

Loan period
You are liable for borrowed materials and you are responsible for returning materials on time.
Your loans and their due dates can be seen in your status on the self-service machine.
The normal loan period for books is one month.
The loan period will appear on receipts printed from the self-service machine.
For materials borrowed from other libraries the loan period of these libraries apply.

Renewals can be made online by logging on to your account or by contacting the library.
Renewal cannot happen sooner than 7 days before the due date and only if no one else has reserved the material.

You can reserve library materials. You will receive an email when the material is ready for pick up. Reserved books are held for collection for 5 business days.

Exceeding the loan period
According to the library law on fees at state libraries, VIA Library has fixed the following fees if you exceed the loan period:



1-7 days exceeded loan period

DKK 0 per item

8-30 days exceeded loan period

DKK 10 per item

31 days or more exceeded loan period

DKK 25 per item + replacement claim*

* If the book is not returned after 31 days or more, the borrower will receive a replacement claim amounting to the price of the book + administrative costs of DKK 35 for each forwarded invoice. The balance account will show all your claims and fees and it will be sent to your digital mailbox (e-Boks/Digital Post).

Payment of fees
Fees for exceeded loan period are paid online on the library website. If you have an outstanding balance of more than DKK 200, you cannot borrow materials until you have settled your account.

If you return the material after 31 days or more your replacement claim will be cancelled and you only have to pay the fee of DKK 25 for each material + administrative costs of DKK 35.
If the loan time is exceeded by more than 60 days, VIA Accounting Department will forward the claim to
Gældsstyrelsen (The Danish Debt Collection Agency). After the debt is assigned to Gældsstyrelsen (The Danish Debt Collection Agency), all communication goes through them.

Service message to the borrower


(Sent to your email)

3 days before due date

Recall notice 
(Sent to your email)

Loan time exceeded by 7 days

Balance account (invoice for fees + replacement claim sent to your digital mail box)

Loan time exceeded by 30 days

Balance account every 30th day

Loan time exceeded by 60 days

Collection of debt is handed over to Gældsstyrelsen (The Danish Debt Collection Agency)

Loan time exceeded by more than 60 days

If you owe more than DKK 200
You will receive a notice of suspension if your fees in total exceed 199,00 DKK (Suspension takes effect 8 days after the notice is sent).
If you have a debt of DKK 200 or more, you are suspended as a library user. Suspension is brought into effect when VIA Library sends the balance of account with the replacement claim. If you are suspended, you must contact VIA Library after replacing or returning the materials. The suspension will be cancelled after the payment or returning of the materials.

Special rules for employees
Employees at VIA University College are exempt from paying fees and administrative costs.