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Open access

What is Open Access? 
Open access is an international concept for open access to research literature on the internet. An article is open access if the article can be accessed by all potential users immediately in connection with the publication either through an open archive or an open access journal.

Green or golden open access
The free access to articles can be made in different ways depending on the research institution of the journal delivering the access.

Green open access
Most research institutions have made archives. In VIA we have UC Viden. In the archive, researchers can register and upload full-text versions of their articles. This type of open access where the author files the article is called green open access. The articles are published in traditional journals giving the authors the rights to file either the submitted manuscript, the accepted manuscript or the final published version.

Golden open access
When the research article can be accessed from the journal’s own website, you call this golden open access. Articles published through golden open access can be accessed at the journal’s professional layout and without limitations. Golden open access is often, but not always, based on the author paying a fee for the publication.

Denmark’s national strategy for open access
The vision for the national open access strategy in Denmark is to create free access for all citizens, researchers and companies to all research articles from Danish research institutions publically and/or privately financed.

Implementation of open access must follow the national strategy and be step-wise through green open access, where the author files the article in a digital archive. The strategy does not preclude golden open access as long as the costs related to publication are not increased.

Open access and VIA
In 2015, the Danish university colleges agreed to a declaration of intent concerning open access (in Danish) supporting the national strategy for open access.

The university colleges wish that knowledge workers in VIA publish their work in nationally and internationally acknowledged research journals and publications, to broadly communicate the professional and vocational research, development work and innovation.

The knowledge workers were also encouraged to upload uploade  articles in the open digital archive for the university colleges – UC Knowledge if in agreement with copyrights.

Number of open access publications in Denmark
At the Danish National research database the number of open access publications in Denmark can be followed.