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Links - if you want to know more about copyright

Copydan website – Tekst og Node with information on copyright, Copydan agreements and copying.

http://kopiphans.dk/ (Only in Danish)
Copydan website with rules on copying and scanning according to agreements made.

http://www.eh-mat.dk/prog/cpyright.pdf (Only in Danish)
Electronic edition of: Bender, H. (u.d.). Hvad må jeg - om ophavsret i teknologistøttet undervisning (3. udg.). København: Center for Teknologistøttet Uddannelse.

Composers’ rights; an association in Denmark representing Danish and international copyright on music played publically – socalled public performance – in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Joint organisation for performing artists and producers of sound. Demands fees for public performances of sound recordings in Denmark cf. chapter 68 of the Copyright Act.

NCB - Nordisk Copyright Bureau – a Nordic-Baltic association which together with similar copyright associations administrates the rights to recording and copying of music on CD, DVD, films, videos, the internet etc. for composers, song writers and music companies.

www.infokiosk.dk (Only in Danish)
An initiative by the Danish Ministry of Culture to increase knowledge and spread understanding of copyright rules.

http://www.ubva.dk/Forside (Only in Danish)
UBVA is short for Udvalget til Beskyttelse af Videnskabeligt Arbejde (committee for protection of scientific work). UBVA is a committee in Danish Confederation of Professional Associations, which deals with interests in relation to intellectural property law i.e. copyright, patents, utility models, designs and trademarks.

http://www.emu.dk/modul/hvad-m%C3%A5-du-p%C3%A5-nettet (Only in Danish)
Video guidelines on legal rules applying to the use of text, images, music, radio and tv broadcasts, films and videos, webcast and creative commons in education and education material.

https://www.retsinformation.dk/forms/r0710.aspx?id=129901 (Only in Danish)
Copyright Act.

Here you find a draft for application to get permission to use material protected by copyright
Udkast til ansøgning.docx (only in Danish)

If you need to order compendiums or scan material to Studienettet, you can use this link: