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Journal Citation Reports

Journal Citation Reports allows you to find journals with great impact measured by quotations received. It is possible to compare more than 26,600 journals based on different metrics, i.a. the known Journal Impact Factor (JIF), both a 2-year and 5-year JIF, but also other metrics, e.g. Journal Citation Indicator (JCI). JCI can be used to evaluate journals within a specific subject area. JCI measures the expected citations for a document of the same age (year), type and subject category, where the value 1 is normal and a value above 1 means that the document has received more citations than expected.

The database covers journals within Science, Social Sciences, and Arts & Humanities; however, it is not possible to have the Journal Impact Factor stated for journals within Arts & Humanities. You can search by title, ISSN, subject category and keyword. In addition, you can browse for journals and then use different filters, such as subject category, publisher, country/region, open access. It will soon be possible to browse by subject category, publisher and country.

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