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How quickly can I get a hold of the book?


If the book is available at your local VIA Library, you can find it on the shelf. Alternatively, you can reserve the book and pick it up once you receive an email from VIA Library stating the material is ready for pick-up from the reservation shelf.

If the book is unavailable at your local VIA Library but available at other VIA libraries, it will normally take up to 4 days from reservation time before you receive an email containing pick-up details.

If the book is unavailable at all VIA libraries, it is not possible to predict when your reservation will be ready for pick-up. Check to see whether the material is available as handbook or on the “pensumhylde” (i.e. syllabus shelf) at your local VIA Library as you can read the book on location.

If you find that there are no available copies and that there are several people in line before you, please contact your local VIA Library as they can be helpful in finding alternatives.