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Electronic journals

VIA Library offers electronic access to journals. Search and find the journals and their articles by inserting the journal title in the list below. There is remote access with WAYF and VPN.

Alphabetical list of journal subscriptions.

BrowZine - visual subject and search entry for electronic journals.

BrowZine is a program that allows you to read and monitor new issues of electronic journals.

You can read or download articles from the vast majority of the English-language electronic journals that VIA Library subscribes to.

In BrowZine you can create a personal journal rack with your favorite journals and articles and thus stay up to date with new professional knowledge.

BrowZine is available both as a website and as a smartphone app.

There is access at VIA addresses and from home with WAYF.

Access to BrowZine.


LibKey Nomad: You can download the LibKey Nomad app for the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave & Vivaldi. This app gives you quick and easy information on whether VIA provides access to specific journal articles in PDF. Download LibKey Nomad here.