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VIA Library offers guidance and courses in literature search, reference management, choice of publication channel, research registration and UC Viden (University colleges Knowledge database) for all staff at VIA.

We offer general courses where you can register at medarbejderportalen (in danish only and require login)

Moreover, programme groups, knowledge centres and research and development staff can obtain courses and guidance on request. Make an appointment with your local staff at the library or a contact person from the VIA Library research and development team. The library offers up to a four hours of help to search for knowledge (both courses and guidance).

Online courses are offered to staff at Den digitale kompetencereol.(in danish only and require login)

The courses are adapted according to agreement between the library and course participants. Below you can find examples of courses:

Literature search

  • Search strategy
  • Choice of search words
  • Choice of information resources
  • Citation datbases
  • Help to set up alerts

Reference management

  • Knowledge and guidance in the use of the reference management tools Zotero and Mendeley
  • Import of references from resources in the libary database, bibliotek.dk, international article databases
  • Integration of Word and insertion of in-text citations and literature lists

Choice of publication channel/publication strategy

  • BFI lists
  • The Bibliometric Research Indicator
  • Journal impact factor
  • Open access
  • Research strategy and UC Viden

Registration in UC Viden (University colleges Knowledge database)

  • Guidance to registration in UC Viden
  • Profile and CV in UC Viden
  • Open access