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Campus Aarhus N

Stemningsbillede fra Campus Aarhus N
Access to the library outside the staff hours for students and staff of the Campus:
Using the VIA-card, the library can be accessed around the clock except on Fridays from 16:00 to Saturdays at 7:00. It thus becomes possible to continue studying and using the library facilities when staff has left and also to pick up reserved books on evenings and weekends. 
Take good care of the library:-)


How do I get access to curriculum literature?
Each bachelor programme and course on Campus have an "academic meeting point" in the library containing handbooks, curriculum literature and encyclopedias.

Who can use the library?
VIA students, course participants and employees are registered as borrowers. With VIA-login you can gain remote access to library databases and e-journals.

The public can use library resources on the premises.

How can I access digital materials from home?
With VIA-login you can gain remote access to library databases and e-journals from this website.

How do I get articles from a journal that VIA does not have?
Look up the journal article in the service “Search scientific articles” and choose pick up library. If you can’t locate the article, contact the library.

What do I use as library card?
The library has self-service on lending and returns. Use the Social Security number when you need to borrow and renew materials.

How long can I keep the books?
The lending period for books is four weeks.

Can I renew materials?
Loans can be extended up to 12 times if there is no waiting list on the materials.

Do you charge fines for late returns?
If the loan period is overdue by 7 days you will have to pay a fee of DKK 25. If the loan is overdue by 14 days the fee is DKK 50.

Where do I get library guidance?
You can get assistance from a librarian at the Guidance desk from 9-15. You get more from the guidance session if you have prepared your search and search terms from home.

Do I have to pay for the use of library materials or services?
It is free to use library services and to borrow books.

How many books can I take out from the Library?
You can borrow as many books as you like.

Can I print and copy at the Library?
Yes, the Library has print and copy facilities, with the use of VIA student card.

Global Nutrition and Health students, contact Jette Greve Hougesen

Library Staff

EAN nr. 5798000559868