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We have changed the library system

We changed to a new library system last week and after that, errors have appeared. Be aware of following issues:

  • At the moment it is not possible to pay fees at the library homepage. Instead you can transfer money to Reg. nr. 0216 - account 4069152538. Please remember to state : 709905/Fees, your name and date of birth. With theese information we can delete the fee.
  • User profile and reservations. By some titles, you cannot see the title of the book. The books are listed with “no title available”. Contact the library to get the title information.
  • Number of reservations are not visible by each title. All books have 0 reservations.
  • Update 29.6.2017 we are able to send mails to alle email adressess again. Since Wednesday 14th of June, we only have been able to send pick up notices to VIA email. If you have changed your mail to hotmail, gmail or another email you will not receive notices from the library. Please check your user profile for information about reservations ready for pick up or contact the library staff for help.

We will update the library homepage when the errors are resolved. If you have any questions, please contact your local library.

Published by: skc
Post date: 19/06/2017