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VIA Library – an Important Contribution to the Core Service

The Innovative Solutions

VIA Library was one of the libraries that most swiftly accommodated their services to the lockdown conditions:

“We have had to think creatively and be innovative in order to see what was possible to execute in a very short amount of time” says Per Steen Hansen, Director of VIA Library.

Upon repeated student pressure, the board of directors asked VIA Library at the end of March to prepare possible solutions for accommodating the urgent literature needs of the students. The first solution was a scan arrangement, effective already on April 1st.

In order to accommodate more students, continuous attempts to find other, less laborious solutions were made. So, as of April 23rd students could reserve materials “to go”. All orders were packed and lent out in bags from Campus in close collaboration with Facility Management.

You Can Now Access the Library Again

With the gradual reopening and normalization of the Danish society, all 10 VIA Libraries were accessible again from June 4th 2020.


The Scanning Arrangement

The arrangement was only intended for last-semester students and was in effect between April 1st and April 22nd.. VIA Library received 700 requests and delivered more than 500 pdf files.

The TO-GO Arrangement

The arrangement was for ALL students and was in effect between April 23rd and June 3rd. More than 10,000 loans packed in bags for the students were delivered. Starting May 4th, staff was also allowed to use the arrangement.

On the first day alone, VIA´s libraries received 1000 orders.

Online Advising and Teaching

Since the lockdown on March 12th until today, VIA Library has performed around 400 booked online advising sessions and more than 300 lessons of online teaching. Add to this to this all the calls and emails.

Reopening the Library

On June 4th, VIA Libraries on all 10 campuses reopened after 84 days of lockdown. The current hours can be found here.

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Post date: 20/08/2020