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CORONA & VIA Library


Here you can read some of the frequent questions we are currently receiving and get the answers right away. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us - find local email addresses here. We strive to respond within an hour during our 'usual business hours'.

Can I order materials through the library homepage?
No, we have closed down the possibility to reserve materials until the library reopens

Can I return materials at the library?
No, the campus is closed. You can return materials once the campus reopens for students

Will I receive a fee for delivering too late?
No, all fees are being suspended while we are closed. When the libraries open again you must return within one week.

Is the library open for self service?
No, but it will be when campus reopens

Can I write to the library during the closing period?
Yes, you can write to your local library and we will help you

How about the online resources during the closing period?
The online resources are available at all hours at Bibliotekerne.via.dk/en

Can I pick up reserved materials at the libraries?
For three days after the libraries re-open, you will be able to pick up the reservations that are ready for you on the reservation shelves.

Will I get recall notices for the materials I cannot deliver at the moment?
No, you will not get recall notices while the libraries are closed.

Published by: lbga
Post date: 13/03/2020