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Books in Danish – easy to read!

A good way to learn a foreign language is to start out reading texts that are not too difficult.  There are many great books in Danish such as fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, which are easy to read for new learners. You can also find easy short stories that are more modern containing Danish culture and characters.

We have gathered all our ‘easy to read in Danish books’ on a list. You can see all the titles here and make reservations.

Fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen
Modern short stories

Colour codes

Most of the easy to read books are a part of the book series Dingo or Læseværkstedet. Both series have different colour codes to show how easy the books are to read.


Green: Easy
Yellow: Easy
Blue: Average
Red: Average
White: Advanced


Red: Easy
Green: Average
Yellow: Average
Blue: Advanced

Published by: skc
Post date: 20/09/2016