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Dear students! VIA Library is open

Please note that you can use your VIA Library even if VIA is closed.

VIA Library is currently open for loan and return of materials - but not as a study place.

At VIA Libraries where copy and print facilities are available these can be used.

Keep an eye on the library website to see local opening hours – both staffed an unstaffed. Some libraries have access 24/7, but far from all. See the local opening hours here!


For all VIA Libraries: If you need advice please contact your librarian.



VIA Library – an Important Contribution to the Core Service

The Book Is Not Dead

Over the last centuries, many have declared the book dead and predicted that it is only a matter of time before everyone reads literature on a screen, iPad, e-reader, smartphone etc. However, the COVID lockdown has shown us that the printed sources still represent a significant part of the knowledge foundation of the VIA programs. The consequences of the VIA Library lockdown have thus greatly impacted many students and their chances of accessing information and literature.

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Get help and supervision from your librarian

You can always get help and supervision on literature searches, reference management, source criticism and much more at your VIA Library.


Copyright - VIA

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