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  1. Handbook of child well-being : theories, methods and policies in global perspective. Volume 4

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    30.1662 HAN

    Handbook of child well-being : theories, methods and policies in global perspective. Volume 4

    With 138 figures and 85 tables
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    Asher Ben-Arieh, Ferran Casas, Ivar Frønes, Jill E. Korbin
    Indhold: Volume 4 -- Section XI: Media and Communication and Child Well-Being -- Chapter 67: Analysis of Children's Television Characters and Media Policies; Andr H. Caron and Jennie M. Hwang -- Chapter 68: News Media and Child Well-Being; Cynthia Carter -- Chapter 69: Conflict, Media, and Child Well-Being; Dafna Lemish and Maya Gtz -- Chapter 70: Advertising and Child Well-Being; Agnes Nairn - Chapter 71: Media Literacy and Well-Being of Young People; Manisha Pathak-Shelat -- Chapter 72: Internet and Child Well-Being; Veronika Kalmus, Andra Siibak, and Lukas Blinka -- Chapter 73: Children's Well-Being and Communication; Florencia Enghel -- Section XII: Well-Being and the Family -- Chapter 74: Conciliating Parents' Labor and Family Life; Anna Escobedo -- Chapter 75: Parenting Styles and Child Well-Being; Mara Jos Rodrigo, Sonia Byrne, and Beatriz Rodrguez -- Chapter 76: Does Family Matter? The Well-Being of Children Growing Up in Institutions, Foster Care and Adoption; Christie Schoenmaker, Femmie Juffer, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, and Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg -- Chapter 77: Family-Related Factors Influencing Child Well-Being; Llus Flaquer -- Section XIII: Health and Child Well-Being -- Chapter 78: Health and Child Well-Being; Tim Moore and Frank Oberklaid -- Chapter 79: Infant Rearing in the Context of Contemporary Neuroscience; Penelope Leach - Chapter 80: Illness and Child Well-Being; Noboru Kobayashi, Yoichi Sakakihara, Kengo Nishimaki, Hideo Mimuro, Junko Shimizu, Akira Matsui, Nobuaki Kobayashi, and Yuichiro Yamashiro -- Chapter 81: HIV and AIDS and Its Impact on Child Well-Being; Eddy J. Walakira, Ismael Ddumba-Nyanzi, and David Kaawa-Mafigiri -- Chapter 82: Cultural Roots of Well-Being and Resilience in Child Mental Health; Mnica Ruiz-Casares, Jaswant Guzder, Ccile Rousseau, and Laurence J. Kirmayer -- Chapter 83: Body Image and Child Well-Being; Kristina Holmqvist Gattario, Ann Frisn, and Eileen Anderson-Fye -- Section XIV: Well-Being and Childrens Rights --Chapter 84: United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Child Well-Being; Laura Lundy -- Chapter 85: Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Its Effect on Child Well-Being; Yehualashet Mekonen and Melhiku Tiruneh - Chapter 86: Child Participation, Constituent of Community Well-Being; Alejandro Cusiianovich Villarn and Marta Martnez Muoz -- Chapter 87: Children's Perspectives on Nurturance and Self-Determination Rights: Implications for Development and Well-Being; Martin D. Ruck, Michele Peterson-Badali, and Charles C. Helwig - "Because it's the right (or wrong) thing to do": when children's well-being is the wrong outcome; Gary B. Melton
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    xxxv, s. 1955-2574
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