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  1. Handbook of child well-being : theories, methods and policies in global perspective. Volume 3

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    30.1662 HAN

    Handbook of child well-being : theories, methods and policies in global perspective. Volume 3

    With 138 figures and 85 tables
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    Asher Ben-Arieh, Ferran Casas, Ivar Frønes, Jill E. Korbin
    Indhold: Volume 3 -- Section VII: An Ecological Perspective on Child Well-Being - Chapter 42: Family and Child Well-Being; Cigdem Kagitcibasi -- Chapter 43: Effects of School on the Well-Being of Children and Adolescents; Francisco Juan Garca Bacete, Ghislaine Marande Perrin, Barry H. Schneider, and Celine Blanchard -- Chapter 44: Community and Place-Based Understanding of Child Well-Being; Claudia J. Coulton and James C. Spilsbury -- Chapter 45: Children's Social Networks and Well-Being; Deborah Belle and Joyce Benenson -- Chapter 46: Ecological Perspective on Child Well-Being; James Garbarino -- Section VIII: Economy/Material Well-Being -- Chapter 47: Poverty and Social Exclusion; Gerry Redmond -- Chapter 48: Well-Being and Children in a Consumer Society; Ragnhild Brusdal and Ivar Frnes -- Chapter 49: Children's Material Living Standards in Rich Countries; Gill Main and KirstenBesemer -- Chapter 50: Child Costs; Bruce Bradbury -- Chapter 51: Child Labor and Children's Economic Contributions; Scott Lyon and Furio Camillo Rosati - Chapter 52: Childhood and Inequalities: Generational Distributive Justice and Disparities; Helmut Wintersberger -- Chapter 53: Economics of Child Well-Being: Measuring Effects of Child Welfare Interventions; Anna Aizer and Joseph J. Doyle, Jr. -- Section IX: Life Course and Child Well-Being -- Chapter 54: Infancy and Well-Being; Heidi Keller -- Chapter 55: Early Childhood: Dimensions and Contexts of Development and Well-Being; Elizabeth Fernandez -- Chapter 56: Developmental Assets and the Promotion of Well-Being in Middle Childhood; Peter C. Scales -- Chapter 57: Child Well-Being and the Life Course; Richard A. Settersten, Jr., Megan M. McClelland, and Alicia Miao -- Chapter 58: Adolescence and Well-Being; Rita ukauskiene -- Chapter 59: Monitoring the Health and Well-Being of Developing Children in Changing Contexts: A Framework for Action; Bonnie Leadbeater, Wayne Mitic, and Michael Egilson -- Chapter 60: Transition to Adulthood; Janel Benson -- Section X: Interpersonal Relations - Chapter 61: Allomothers and Child Well-Being; Courtney L. Meehan -- Chapter 62: Sibling Relationships and Children's Social Well-Being; K. Ripoll-Nez and Sonia Carrillo -- Chapter 63: The Role of Peers in Children's Lives and Their Contribution to Child Well-Being: Theory and Research; Daphna Gross-Manos -- Chapter 64: Children's Social and Emotional Relationships and Well-Being: From the Perspective of the Child; Colette McAuley and Wendy Rose -- Chapter 65: Children as Caregivers; Ruth Evans -- Chapter 66: Why Are Relationships Important to Children's Well-Being?; Ross A. Thompson
    ISBN nr.: 
    xxxv, s. 1227-1954
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