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  1. Handbook of child well-being : theories, methods and policies in global perspective. Volume 2

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    30.1662 HAN

    Handbook of child well-being : theories, methods and policies in global perspective. Volume 2

    With 138 figures and 85 tables
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    Asher Ben-Arieh, Ferran Casas, Ivar Frønes, Jill E. Korbin
    Indhold: Volume 2 -- Section III: Theoretical Approaches to Child Well-Being -- Chapter 21: Understanding the Well-Being of Children and Adolescents Through Homeostatic Theory; Robert A. Cummins -- Chapter 22: Sociology: Societal Structure, Development of Childhood, and the Well-Being of Children; Jens Qvortrup -- Chapter 23: Children's Well-Being and Interpretive Reproduction; William A. Corsaro -- Chapter 24: Capability Approach as a Framework for Research on Children's Well-Being; Susann Fegter and Martina Richter - Chapter 25: Socialization and Childhood in Sociological Theorizing; Lourdes Gaitn -- Section IV: Childrens Activities and Well-Being -- Chapter 26: Schooling and Children's Subjective Well-Being; E. Scott Huebner, Kimberly J. Hills, Xu Jiang, Rachel F. Long, Ryan Kelly, and Michael D. Lyons -- Chapter 27: Children's Work; Michael Bourdillon -- Chapter 28: After-School Activities and Leisure Education; Jaume Trilla, Ana Ayuste, and Ingrid Agud -- Chapter 29: Play and Well-Being in Children's Life; Jan Van Gils -- Chapter 30: Sport, Children, and Well-Being; Yngvar Ommundsen, Knut Lndal, and Sigmund Loland -- Chapter 31: Artistic Activity and Child Well-Being in Early Schooling: Revisiting the Narratives; Jolyn Blank -- Chapter 32: Civic Engagement and Child and Adolescent Well-Being; Daniel Hart, Kyle Matsuba, and Robert Atkins -- Chapter 33: State of the Field: Youth Community Servicein the USA; Edward Metz -- Chapter 34: Time Use, Inequality, and Child Well-Being; Sara Raley - Section V: Arts, Creativity and Child Well-Being -- Chapter 35: Images of Child Well-Being in the Arts; Ellen Handler Spitz -- Chapter 36: Role of Art and Creativity in Child Culture and Socialization; Khin Yee Lo and Koji Matsunobu -- Chapter 37: Imagination, Play, and the Role of Performing Arts in the Well-Being of Children; Philip E. Silvey -- Section VI: Spirituality and Religion -- Chapter 38: Relation of Spiritual Development to Youth Health and Well-Being: Evidence from a Global Study; Peter C. Scales, Amy K. Syvertsen, Peter L. Benson, Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, and Arturo Sesma, Jr. -- Chapter 39: Religion and Child Well-Being; George W. Holden and Paul Alan Williamson -- Chapter 40: Religion, Spirituality, and Child Well-Being; Kurt Bangert -- Chapter 41: Islamic Education and Youth Well-Being in Muslim Countries, with a Specific Reference to Algeria; Habib Tiliouine
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    xxxv, s. 632-1226
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